Everyday Drink Mix: The Story + FAQs

March 16, 2024

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Not all athletes lose the same amount of sodium in their sweat.
Not all athletes need or want the same amount of carbohydrate to fuel their training.

Because of these two problems, from the start, we created different products with different ratios of sodium to carbohydrate to meet a range of needs when athletes were sweating, thirsty, and hungry. But all those products were confusing and clumsy to put together in just the right way. Then it hit us. What if we just removed all the carbs from our Sport Drink Mix, instead of worrying about the right carb to sodium ratio across a whole bunch of products. And what if we left all the fruit so that it would still taste great alone without any sugar or weird sweeteners and flavoring agents.

Long story short, it worked and Everyday Drink Mix was created. It’s a product that gives us what athletes always wanted - something they could use when sweating and thirsty but not wanting any extra energy to a really simple way to independently customize the ratio of water, carbohydrate, and sodium levels in either our Sport or High Carb Drink Mixes. Everyday Drink Mix was the missing puzzle piece that now gives us a simple product ecosystem to meet the needs of every athlete, every problem, every day.

More of your questions answered by Dr.Lim
(Skratch Founder + Exercise Physiologist + Chef)

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